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Create a project, add as many team members as you want,
assign tasks and follow each other’s progress.

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Enote a project management and team collaboration tool that is 100% free!


Easynote will always keep simplicity at it's core. We have powerful features but if you don't need them we make sure they will not get in the way of you creating that quick task list you need.

Great features

Easynone's strong features such file sharing and easy group collaboration have given it the great reviews it has received. We are constantly reviewing our users needs and are determined to create a tool that is expandable with your needs.

Task hierarchy

Create a task, add steps of execution and follow overall progress

Time planning

Plan time for each step of the task, write the spent time at each step and easily check the time actual and planned times

Powerful features

Our tool is designed so that you can start using it from the minute you register when your needs progress from the weekly shopping list to a multi-platform project, easynote has the features and capabilities to match your ambition

  • Division into projects, task and subtasks
  • Priority of tasks
  • Statuses of tasks
  • Responsible
  • User comments
  • Files
  • Indication of changes
  • Work in a company